a haiku of the chinese variety

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

if you’re like us, you might have thought to yourself at some point, “wait a second, a haiku isn’t chinese!” wrong. it is. it is very chinese. and here’s how:

i (colleen) have an initiative at work where people submit to me writing, photos, etc. to go up on our organization’s blog. barbie is super zealous about seeing every little thing prior to it going up, so i dutifully make sure this happens. well, the other day, a man who is very well known in our organization submitted a poem. several stanzas long. i gave it to barbie to look over and about 10 minutes later, she strolls over to my desk laughing at how ridiculous such an act of giving her a poem is, “COLLEEN! i can’t really edit a poem!!! You know, (insert poet’s name) wife is chinese, so i bet this is a haiku.” as she chuckled even harder at how witty her retort was, sajiv and i knew the sad truth. and hence, chinese haiku was born. like the poem, this blog is not chinese. it’s also not a haiku, but it is a chinese haiku.


i’m back and un-joyed.

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m pretty sure that when someone goes on a honeymoon, they have to go through a period of detox before they come back to work.  Ben and I had such a great time that coming back to this office has meant that I’ve had to readjust my expectations about joy in one day.

I’ve had to go through this detox-of-joy process over the past week and NO ONE should have to decrease the amount of happiness in their life so drastically.  On my way back in from the parking lot, my entire body kept stopping involuntarily and started turning around to run back to the car.

On Friday, Colleen and I had the most horrible experience in reality.  We both went home sick.  Ok so Colleen really was sick, but I just needed to not be there. Barbie’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard and Peggy thought that everything that was said deserved a pun/over-said joke after it. EVERYTHING.  Someone said “We should have name badges for that event.” and Peggy responded with “BADGES!  We don’t need no stinking BADGES!”  Barbie screamed, “Marie just got back from her HONEYMOON!!  OOooh la la.” and Peggy finishes with, “and she’s OVER the MOON!”

Colleen, I guess the amount of material hasn’t DECREASED over the past two weeks.  Many posts to come…

it’s official, she left.

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

marie is gone, so it’s time to wax poetic about my loneliness. in my extreme state of vulnerability (aka loneliness), i’ve been attacked…by a coworker. this particular coworker asked me if i wanted to sell electricity on the side for extra dough, and if i did, would i be interested in learning more at an information session. i just got the email with the password for this damn webinar. i’m sorry, do i look like an electricity salesperson?

in news from the past week:

  • barbie asked if our intern from china could speak chinese.
  • barbie asked if marie had met ben’s dad.
  • in response to our 8 mos. pregnant intern joking about the fact that she is so big she might be carrying twins, barbie responded with serious concern “i think they could tell that at this point.”
  • um, barbie spoke loudly.
  • and barbie spoke loudly.

marie, come back. the only interesting thing that’s happened today is i thought about rearranging our desks and putting everything in its exact position in its new location. that entertained me for a good 30 seconds. only 3,600 to go.